Saturday, April 18, 2015

What a High Speed Train Could Do for Our Sanity

We went to a great party at Paradox House Vineyard last Saturday. I've known the Rowletts for many years, and they always throw the best parties. Their vineyard is in Industry, Texas; not far from the land we're still waiting to close on. The instant I drive into Fayette County, I start to relax. I feel like myself. The vineyard is in Austin County, but that's only 20 miles or so from our property, so the effect is the same. Peace, joy, relaxation.

What on earth made me leave this?

Mostly the need for a better job. Plus, I thought I would do better socially if I left the country and moved back to Austin. Granted. It was the right move at the time because I doubt I would have met Tammy while living in La Grange. We had to leave our roots to find each  other, but NOW, we can get back to who we are on the inside.

Thursday, I sat in Austin's crazy, and what feels unnecessary, traffic. I did it again yesterday. It feels like a waste of quality time. And it's not like I'm making a big salary to compensate. I will have to be resourceful to realize my dreams. Same goes for Tammy. She literally breaks her back taking care of indigent dental patients. She works harder than anyone in private practice, and she is paid less to take care of the sickest, poorest, craziest, most criminal in the city.  You can see how we circle the rim of resentment.

However, we see the beauty of having a city home.

Austin is a beautiful city. It's why half the planet wants to move here. We may lack the superior art and performance venues that a city like Houston has, but we make up for it in natural beauty.  We'll always keep our downtown condo.

Why am I posting this rambling piece?  Because I haven't written in over a week. I got sucked into the grind of just trying to go to work, keep a smile on my face, not lose it on my stupid commute home, not think about the massive buildings that are going up around me, that will put even MORE people on the road that offers zero mass transit options...

Brain dead. No inspiration. Tammy says she's going to start feeding me fish oil because she worries about my brain.  Goddam!  Am I that bad?

A high speed train would do wonders for our sanity... and our joy. I want a fast ride to work, right up Capital of Texas Highway. But I could totally get behind a train from Austin to Houston that would drop me off in Fayette County.  Whether I rode it to work everyday or made a quick escape on Friday nights, I cannot think of a better solution to traffic in this congested little city.  

Anyway, we signed the contract amendment on the property. It says we close May 8.  It cannot get here fast enough.  So next time I write, I think I'll post some thoughts on topography and why that's important when you build a house.  I may also do some research on lumber harvesting, and how to sell good trees that will unfortunately have to come down to make room for a structure.

In the meantime, this tiny little space will be our natural paradise.  Fortunately the rain is making it greener.

Bring on the fish oil, Tammy, if it makes it easier for me to imagine that wall as sunrise over a valley.

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