Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lessons For Hikers

We live in this very technological world these days, and sometimes we forget that there is dirt and rock under our feet.  The weather's been nice for hiking during my lunch break. I try to pay close attention to nature as I walk. Here are a few lessons I've learned.

Trust Gravity

If you're headed up and up and up, and you feel like your getting lost on the trail, let gravity pull down to earth. Turn around and go down the trail. You may slip and bust your butt if you move too fast, but at least you won't exhaust yourself going nowhere. Gravity will take you home.

Avoid Shortcuts If You Can

Shortcuts get you where you want to go a little faster; especially when you feel lost up there on the trail. However, you will never be an expert on that hill if you take shortcuts.

If It Twists On The Outside, It Probably Isn't Stable On The Inside

Just like people. You cannot trust a tree that twists and twirls to get to the sunlight. It sure is pretty to see, but beware.  It will fly apart on you when the weather gets rough.

Get To Know The Locals

Please don't forget that they were there before you, and where most are fairly harmless, it's not unheard of for an arrogant newcomer to get bit in the ass.

Always be nice to the locals. They're the reason you came out here in the first place.

Come Prepared

Bring lots of water. Drink it often. Make sure you have a snack if you're going to be out for awhile, and for god's sake, don't wear wimpy shoes. You'll be most productive if you're wearing a proper pair of hiking boots. You're also less likely to fall down. And that gets us back to gravity.

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