Monday, March 9, 2015

It's So Nice to Meet You

“There should be a movie about dentistry. I don’t want to do it anymore."

Tammy  said this to me.

It’s such a universal feeling. Fill in the blank, and you might be saying the same thing about your life.
“There should be a movie about ‘blank.’ I don’t want to do it anymore.”

 This is a blog about two girls trying to give that movie a happy ending.

We live in Austin, Texas. You think that’s cool. You think it’s a laid back, hip place to live, and you probably think we have absolutely no reason to want out.  …but we do.  It’s not that kind of Austin anymore. At least, it’s not that kind of Austin for two country girls who moved here when this place was just a big, happy town. If you ask me, Austin has become San Francisco junior. Ever been there?  I think the Bay City has a very cool vibe veneer. However, I know that if I’m there long enough, I start to feel the disillusion, the frustration, the cramped territorialism, and the stress. The incredible stress.

People from San Francisco, LA, New York, Philadelphia, and  just about everywhere else in the nation flooded into Austin. They came for job opportunities, a better cost of  living and  the friendly, laid back vibe. The problem is this: they forgot to leave their stress and aggression at home. They forgot to pop their tiny isolation bubbles and open up and be warm and kind and Austin-like. We think Austin has disappeared. We think it’s time to go home to the country; if not permanently, then at least on the weekends.

This is a blog about our lives. Our movement towards peace, happiness, joy, and something that feels real.

We’re two girls. We’re Christy and Tammy.  You’ll get to know us as I write, but for now, know that we are a lesbian couple looking for that perfect balance between the city and the country. We’ll tell you our stories as we go along. Check out our personal pages to get to know us better. We’ll let you journey with us as we make a solid life for ourselves in a state that refuses to recognize us.  

You’ll get to visit us in our 1300 square foot condo in downtown Austin. You’ll get to ride along in our pickup as we head for Carmine, Texas to turn our heavily wooded, raw piece of land into a country home.  We hope we pass along some good ideas, and we hope that we  inspire you to create your own paradise from wherever you are. 


  1. Be still my heart. CARMINE !!! Oh how I will follow you. Congratulations.

  2. congratulations to both of you I look forward to reading and seeing your progress

  3. This is great. Sweet blog. The paradox of the attractive place to live is that too many people want to live there and it eventually becomes unlivable. And it has happened to places like SF, and it's happened here. It makes me sad too. We talk about relocating but we have very strong ties. I hope you don't leave--I love having you as next-door neighbors, and that's saying something, as you know we were very fond of your predecessor.

  4. Thanks for your nice comments, everyone. We're not leaving our condo! We love our neighbors, too! We'll just be spending more time in the country, and sharing it with everyone.