Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tiny Houses - Frankly, I Like the Idea

One of the things Tammy and I have to figure out is what the first house will be like once we're ready to build one on our property.

I started following to get some ideas on floor plans. Although we probably won't go THAT tiny, it's easy enough to add a few hundred square feet to a tiny house to simply make it a small house.

If you're a newbie to building your own paradise, here's an Austin couple that's made the transition without leaving the city. Check out Eddie and Lacey's tiny house on wheels.

Tammy and I are pretty good at small, if not tiny, living here in Austin. With her daughter and a dog in the space, it often feels cramped. I admit it. I want my own private office where no one can bother me, but you know what? I don't think my blog has suffered because my "office" is in the master bedroom. Small house is fine. We eat our meals together at the table. We cook together. We have a nice patio where we can relax and interact with the neighbors. And the community is very pretty. We don't ever need a big house.

More than anything we want a little cabin in the woods because we love big nature.

Back in 2000, I bought some raw land and built a 900 sq foot cabin. It had a 600 sq ft. foot print, and a 300 square foot loft. Not tiny, and barely small, it was easy to expand that structure over the years, and eventually, a tiny cottage with a small kitchenette, was added to the property.

The kitchen was only as wide as the front door. Nobody was cooking gourmet meals there, but it was perfectly fine for simple living. It had a small closet by the kitchen.

 Think of this space as an efficiency apartment with a better view.

When Tammy and I build our cabin, it will have to be bigger than this structure because the two girls are actually three. We'll have to go "bigger" to accommodate for privacy. 

Also, I can't take credit for this tiny house design. I have to give a shout out to Sheryl Cox, who was the first person to turn me on to tiny living. As I recall, she guided the concept on this very livable cabin. But I wanted to share it to give an example of very comfortable and efficient living. 

Also, this particular cabin had an 8X16 foot storage room on the end of it. It served as a long-term, temperature controlled space for the shit we just couldn't part with. The thing about that storage space is that I eventually got rid of just about everything I had in there. I'm happy about that. It's freeing.

Since I recently wrote about the power of nature, I'll leave you with a lesson in tiny living. Personally, I think this is the most refreshing tiny house on the planet. Enjoy!

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