Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 26 on Parker Lane

June 26 has come and gone.  We were much quieter than most people.  And there's a reason for that. We don't like attention.  I know that sounds strange since both of us have performed before audiences. That's different. That's not our private life.  So what did we do on June 26?

OTNB, of course

Around here, we have to either wait until the kid is in bed or the kid is away for the night to watch our shows. Whether the governor likes it or not, we've been living like a married couple with a kid for awhile. So on June 26, we opened a bottle of wine that I had saved for a special occasion, and we binged on the rest of Season 3 of "Orange is the New Black" because the real miracle was that we were kid free, and we didn't have to watch re-runs of "The Brady Bunch."

We didn't head to Fourth Street to celebrate with our LGBT community. We just sat on the couch and watched TV.  That's what we did.

Why do you care? Or better question - Why am I telling you this?  Because you may be on the fence, or you may completely disagree with SCOTUS.  You may have your own made up idea about what  it's like at our "different" house. It's not different. It's not salacious. In fact, it's pretty boring.

This is really immoral.  Folding clothes...

We got up early and went to the property to meet the dozer guy

I give up. I am not cutting down any more trees.  It would take us 50 years to clear even one acre, so we called a dozer guy, and we had to get up really early on June 27 to drive to Carmine and meet him. He gave us an estimate to clear that first acre for a cabin site. $1100 for a day of dozer work. 

(And just like you straight folks, I am being constantly interrupted while trying to write this... just so you get a sense of what it's like at our house.  I've been interrupted to watch a video of a kitten jamming to old school funk. Tammy is in constant commentary while trying to hang the bathroom cabinet doors I just painted. We're trying get stuff done so we can all go to a.... yep. kid movie.)

I am not belittling history

Don't go all homo-militant on me. I understand the historical significance of June 26. All I wanted to do was let doubters know that the reason it's so significant, and it's not lascivious and terrible is that we are not any more bizarre and dangerous than anybody else. In fact, we represent the majority of LGBT people. We get up. We go to work. We sit down, as a family, for dinner by 6:30 every night. We do chores. We do home improvement. We make friends with our neighbors. We have  fat dog.

Just like everybody else. 

...also, I had a little time to kill because I am literally waiting for paint to dry. I think I can put another coat on the bathroom cabinets now.  Happy regular old Sunday, y'all.