Saturday, October 22, 2016

5 Nasty Women

Regardless of political leanings, I will not vote for Donald Trump. There. I think you all knew that. I will not vote for any Republican in Texas who has not denounced Donald Trump and his ongoing play to turn our country into a low rent reality t.v. show. I don't normally vote straight ticket, but let it be known to all that I will do it if I have to.

Yes. We should be voting for the champion of the issues that matter to us. For me it is Education, Economy, Healthcare and National Security.  Immigration is like the third smoke screen in the cadre of divisive issues for me.

1. Abortion - Why is this an issue for the less government is best crowd? Plus separation of Church and State. If religion is your driver, then please do that in your religious private sector. Otherwise, go get a damn medical degree before you take on God's job of judgement.

2. Second Amendment - I'm a pretty good shot with a big ass gun, and I think it's fun to shoot it, but jesuschrist - if a person's on a no fly list, he doesn't need a gun in America. Why is this the same as abolishing the Second Amendment?  Move on people. The NRA just wants you to renew your membership and demonstrate your loyalty to their bottom line.

3. Immigration - Total scare tactic. I like Mexicans a lot. Let's just talk about the greatest food on the planet. Let's talk about the critical thinking skills of the workers who can figure out how to do crap no dude in my neighborhood can do. Craftsmanship - there's a good one. Smart kids. If the hard working, valuable undocumented workers get rounded up a la Nazi-style onto buses and trains (did anyone else get a cold chill at that suggestion at the third debate????), frankly, the Texas economy will fall apart. I care about the economy.

On to the Nasty Women

First, I'm not really interested in having a President who owns a beauty pageant. I don't like the culture of pageants and the message it sends to already insecure young girls. None of the hot mic, sexual advance accusations, or stupid-ass-of-the-cuff-misogynistic-shit that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth surprises me. I have a feeling that the very Republican men in my family would punch any other man who said anything like Trump says to any woman in their family.

Lesson #1 to my liberal lady friends. Real Texas men don't treat their women like Trump does.

On the national and world stage, there are 5 nasty women Trump will have to work with.  How on earth will that go down if he actually gets elected?

Mary Fallin - Republican Governor of Oklahoma. Trump should have picked her as a running mate. She's a textbook Republican in many ways. Her stance on abortion, climate change, charter schools, and restrictions on minimum wage make her his kind of woman. I guess the problem is... she's a woman. That's just some nasty luck for Mary.

Nikki Haley - Republican Governor of South Carolina. I think Governor Haley is pretty, so I can only imagine how Trump describes her. Her ethnic background could have been the balm in the Donald's Gilead had the party seriously considered her as his running mate. And if it's reality t.v. the American people want, this ticket would have made for some goooood television. I mean, she's proven with her "bless your heart" response to his twitter attack on her that she's a class act. And I think she's a good governor.

Susana Martinez - Republican Governor of New Mexico. Oh, boy. A Mexican Republican with some colorful controversies chasing her around. She can party. She can hustle. And people LIKE her. All kinds of nasty problems for a sexist president.

And then there's the world...

Theresa May - Brexit, here comes Donald. Ms. May is a liberal conservative. Don't let that confuse you. Think Bush senior. If her reasonableness were to rankle Trump, could that lead to the loss of our very most important ally in the world? I found this interesting - She doesn't think it's fair to crack down hard on Anti-Social Behavior as a crime prevention tactic. Anyone want to guess who might reverse her position on this?

And finally... a badass. Not only nasty, but frankly, a baaaaad hombre if your politics are remedial:

Angela Merkel - Holy shit, she's smart. And German. And in control. Like your mother-parsing-out-a-barely-earned-allowance kind of control. The Donald is a punk compared to the Chancellor of Germany. My hometown friends will totally understand what I mean by this. Angela Merkel is a German Lutheran. She knows austerity. She knows grace. She knows how to run the world household. A disparaging comment wouldn't serve a reality star well on her world stage. Yep. She owns it. Nasty problem for a guy who loves to brag about his money.

There you have it! 5 nasty Conservative women.

Why am I getting so political all of a sudden? Because we are two women with a daughter. We are hardworking taxpayers trying to make the best for our family. We want the issues that are important to us to be expertly addressed - even though that's a tall order. I'll go vote on Monday. I will hold out hope that the word "nasty" disappears from everyday rhetoric, and that the loser's supporters will take a step back from the trash talk and get educated on the things that really affect them. And then do their parts to improve their households and communities. We all can start by teaching grace and civic responsibility to our children. Then we can take a truly responsible approach to making our own communities a better place to live. Let Trump be a celebrity. Let the citizens of the United States behave like a civil society.

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