Sunday, August 22, 2021

What are Possum Grapes and What Do I Do About Them?

 Make wine. That's what I can do with them. From what I've read, they're going to take over my fence line and probably anything else they can climb. We're currently in a losing battle with wild roses, and as a result, these buckshot sized grapes have emerged. 

If I never post again, it's because I was wrong about what these tiny grapes really are, and I died of loose bowels. I have been around the internet trying to figure out what these are, and the most accurate answer I got came from a friend. Eddie narrowed down the photo I posted on Facebook to Possum Grapes. 

I found a Possum Grape recipe on a blog called Not Dabbling in Normal. If I can convince Tammy to try this recipe, I'm predicting we'll have a very sweet, musky wine that does a few things. Makes us drunk in a terrible kind of way, gives us a really bad hangover, and most likely, diarrhea. But you know? What not try it? I could be wrong. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

I stumbled upon this video about foraging in South Texas. Try to forgive all the doomsday prepper/patriot crap advertisements, and focus on the video. It's about 30 minutes long, but I found it very educational. I suggest saving it as a reference, if your interested in what kinds of foods grow wild in Texas besides grapes.

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