Sunday, December 30, 2018

Survival Beyond the City Limits

City is key here. City. What once could be considered a big town is now a real city - Austin.
I've somewhat fallen out of love with it.
Here's why - just because people say something doesn't make it so.

Cool Things to Do That I Won't Do Anymore

  1. The Trail of Lights - What a complete hassle. Crowded. Impossible to get to unless you find a bus lot and stand in line to wait for a bus that may or may  not be able to take you there. 
  2.  SoCo - Douchy at best. That's all I have to say about that.
  3. Canoeing or kayaking on Town... err... Ladybird Lake - People soup. What in the world is relaxing about a thousand people on SUPs or in kayaks?
  4. Restaurant Institutions - There are a handful of old school restaurants left in Austin. I don't know if the new competition has made it O.K to offer mediocre service and food, or if they're at the end of their lifespan. I'm not naming names, but I've lost my warm fuzzy with them.
  5. Hiking the Greenbelt - For starters, how do I find a parking space to do this? And if I can't park, how the heck many people are jabbering about on the trail? Nameste, y'all.

Refining Small Town Life

I started this blog because I love the country. I love our cabin. Frankly, I love Fayette County. It's rural, for sure, but there's something different about it. 

  1. Culture for my fancy self - Festival Institute, Shakespeare at Winedale, The Painted Churches, and elegant shopping.
  2. Kolaches -  Battling it out for the best kolaches anywhere! On the west side of the county and making a strong appearance on the very northeast corner of the county... Weikels! On the east side of the county, with a slight edge due to a speed limit drop to 55mph, Hruskas! On the south side of the county, perfectly positioned to fortify tourist on the Painted Churches tour, Original Kountry Bakery!
  3. The Sunrise - No alarm clock needed. Always spectacular.
  4. The Sunset - Shut your mouth. Put that phone up. 
  5. The People - My mother used to say that the Czech people will open their door to anyone. They're welcoming and friendly. And that is true. They're progressive in their thinking, and that's why Fayette County is so vibrant and wonderful. 

Coming Soon

In the spring, people will flood to Fayette County for the bi-annual Antique Fair. It will be crazy big to the point of input overload. Then the wildflowers will bloom. Then the MS150 bike tour will make an overnight at the fair grounds. 

As summer sets in, Festival Institute will come alive with its summer classical music festival. Shakespear at Winedale will do plays for the people. The summer will come to a close with the Fayette County Fair.

I'm leaving so many festivals and cultural institutions out of this, but it's a blog, and people have a shorter attention span when reading a blog. 

I'm looking forward to the day we can turn our cabin into a guesthouse because we have finally made the permanent move. 

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