Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Fence Beast Forces Tammy's Hand

I gotta tell you. I was not a big fan of stretching goat fencing around the cabin. It's flimsy and just a first rate pain in the rear. But we did it. It looks pretty good, and it allows Tanner the freedom to roam and "chase cows" without really chasing cows.

Within a couple of weeks of completion, the one longhorn that grazes our property managed to get her horn stuck in the fence and pull the welding loose. It's not that visible, but it was inevitable. One of the reasons we want to stay on top of mowing is to discourage cows from pushing over the fence to get a meal.

Even that one little horn mishap was enough for Tammy to start seeing things my way. We need to put up sturdy cattle panel like we did along the road. It will be pricey, but it is much harder for a cow to tear up.

The next weekend, after the longhorn damage, we arrived after dark, with Tanner in tow. He was in one of his weird, nervous moods. Tanner doesn't believe he's a dog. He thinks he's a sleek and handsome prince trapped in a big hairy body. For example... as I write this, he's taken the liberty to make himself comfortable on the bed, on my pillow.

As we were unloading the truck in the dark, Tanner decided to make a dash for it, and jump back in the truck with Tammy. He ran right into the fence. Tammy said it looked like he stretched it two feet before it bounced him back into the yard. So a 90 pound dog hits that wimpy goat panel at full speed.

That section looks like this.

Actually, it was pretty much laid over. This is the "repaired" section.

How ugly.


It just means we'll get the fancy heavy duty cattle panel fence a little sooner than we planned.

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