Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Surprising Discovery About Beanee Weenees

I've gotten a little tired of cooking over a campfire while in the country. It's easy to build a fire and cook over it, but what I'm done with is the smell of smoke on my clothes and in my hair. The initial solution to my proclamation of smoke-free meal preparation was to rely on take out.

Beanee Weenees

We can choose from Carmine, Round Top or Giddings for restaurant variety. We can take gaping chunks of money out of the bank to do it. It's stupid. There are other solutions, including Beanee Weenees.  I know they sound gross, and honestly, they never come to mind for me. The name alone suggests a diminished little joke of a meal. But when you're not really into one more drive to "town," you grab a can and a drink and have lunch.

I thought Tammy was feeding me a load of crap when she claimed they were high in fiber and protein. I figured they were fake food with a bad flavor, but I ate them anyway.

The nice thing about the country is the lack of distraction. No computers. No television. I entertained myself by reading the Beanee Weenee label. Aside from the obligatory corn syrup, these weren't as bad as I thought.
260 calories, 9 grams of fiber, and 13 grams of protein. One can - $1.

Food Insecurity

I'm always deeply upset by the food insecurity in this country. The balance of pay is so whacked that people don't get enough to eat in some communities. I certainly don't propose we fill up the food banks with canned beans and wieners, but emergency assistance doesn't mean offering up that last can of 4 year old hearts of palm in the back of a suburban family's food pantry. 

A little can of Beanee Weenees would do the job. No cooking required. Just pop the top and feed someone.

I'm trying to lose weight. I sit in an office all week, and I often end up at a restaurant for dinner. My family and I enjoy whatever we want on the menu. My waistline shows it. During my vacation, I decided to up my fiber and reduce the calories drastically. I'm reducing calories at will; not because I can't afford food.

This just looks stupid to me when I think about hunger in Austin, Texas.

Before the day is over, I'm going to the store, and I'm going to buy a case of Beanee Weenees. I am going to drop them off at the nearest organization with a food pantry.

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