Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two Women Become Three

Yesterday was a big day for us. We went downtown, and we marched. It was Elizabeth's first march or protest. I don't think of it as protest. I think of it as taking the first big active step in a long hard fight for social justice, economic justice, education, safety, and healthcare. And Women's Rights. Yes. Our rights to make our own decisions about our bodies, our rights to tell men "no," our rights to not be objectified, our rights to equal pay (before I retire, I hope I actually get equal pay for what I do for a corporation), our right to be fully educated to our hearts' desire, our right to be whole and powerful and do good in the universe.

It was both Tammy's and Elizabeth's first march. Tammy's friend Elaine joined us, and I'm so glad because had she not flown to Austin to do this, we might have stayed home. She is the linchpin to adulthood in this blog.

It was really, really, really packed with people. It was very, very hot. No one in my family likes to be in crowds. This event was a test of our collective psyche. Elizabeth kept her eyes downcast, and I whispered to Tammy to reel her back in because I was worried about how the crush of people might send E backwards. Even though this was a very safe, very kind, very enlightened mix of all kinds of people. The claustrophobic effect was real.

Even as the battle within bounced around her head, Elizabeth took many pictures. It took us over an hour just to get from the Capitol lawn to the intersection of Eleventh and Congress. This long, hot wait told us we were part of a major event in American History, and I made sure Elizabeth knew it. I wanted to boost her confidence and "reel her back in." She kept taking pictures.

By the time we turned the corner onto West 6th Street, a group of men beside us began to shout, "Her body, her choice!" Elizabeth was behind me. In the chanting and excitement, I heard her voice. I turned around, and she was chanting with those men, "My body, my choice!" She had blossomed.

I'm pretty sure we're living with a different kid this morning. I want to thank those anonymous men for empowering my child. I never saw that coming. All focus on the women, but it was a handful of men who gave Elizabeth her voice.

In honor of everyone who marched around the world, I'd like to share it through an adopted girl's newly opened eyes.  Enjoy!

Tammy selfie

Thank you, Elaine for keeping us committed to such and important day!

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