Sunday, September 11, 2016

Today is a Good Day to Be a Human Being

Here it is. Can you believe it? The 15th anniversary of 9/11. Just like everyone else, I remember exactly where I was. I watched the towers fall. I saw shocking videos, via world news reports, of the jumpers.

...and that's really where I want to put my my prayers and my intention. The jumpers. Don't get me wrong. Every single image. Every single story makes me cry. But the people who fell. By accident, while trying to climb away from the fire, or by choice. They had 10 seconds to wrap it up and know that their time in this space was over.

That's a long time when you're life is ending unexpectedly.

I wish I could reach them in the quantum universe and say, "wow. it's so crazy and mean and scary and violent today. And I want you to know, they got that guy. They killed him."

Falling Man has haunted me for about a year. He's the person that I wish for time travel to meet. He's the person that I wish for Angels to hold his hand. He's so graceful. His family should hold him close, and I know they do. He is triumphant, and I think he looks like he beat the terrorists, the radicals, and the hate.

I hope the presidential candidates remember him today, and that both of them can honor him by showing the kind of grace in their campaigns that this man's final seconds show he must have had buried deep in his soul.

It's a good time to take a few minutes and think. Every news report, every news broadcast, every Facebook post does not have to be a bloodbath. That happened 15 years ago.

Be kind. Send love into the past, the present and the future, and do no forget the jumpers. They are messengers of change and courage and decisiveness. Some may have been Muslim. Some may have been undocumented Mexicans.

Remember that. America, and especially New York, represents opportunity, hope, and a melting pot of unity that celebrates our differences - because without them, we would be the homogeneous evil that became Nazi Germany.

Love everyone who died. Love the heroes. Love the families. They are a diverse religious, international, politically diverse, socially and economically diverse people. That, my friends, was the real America.  Falling man, with his dark skin, was America. He will forever be a lesson in grace and defiance and unity to me.

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